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Sense Helthcare

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Our Strategic Partner for Hospital Management, Sense Helthcare ltd., represented by their Directors - Dr. Niraj Singh & Dr. Santoshkumar , possess nearly 20 years of qualitative experience in the areas of Strategic Operational Planning, Health System Optimization, Contract & Physician Negotiations, Inventory Management, P & L Management, Hospital Administration & Mgmt., Business Expansion & Growth, besides others. In collaboration with Medal Tius Ltd, Sense Healthcare ltd. specialises in Greenfield and Brown field Hospital projects.

Hospital Turnkey Projects
Sense Helthcare: Our Services
Healthcare Projects

Healthcare Projects

At Sense Helthcare, we believe in keeping our community healthy, which is why we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients and partners with innovative services. Each Healthcare Project poses its own unique set of challenges, and with our team and in collaboration with Medal Tius Ltd, we have succeeded in surpassing the expectations of all stakeholders in each of these projects.

Sense Helthcare: Our Services
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Current Brown Field Healthcare Projects

1. Swasthya Superspeciality Hospital, Vadodra , Gujarat, INDIA

2. Swashtya Multispeciality Hospital, Dahod, Gujarat, INDIA

3. Swasthya Multispeciality & Heart care Hospital, Banswara,Rajsthan, INDIA

4. Sanjay Multispeciality Hospital, Nadiad, Gujarat, INDIA

5. Wardwizard Medicare PVT.LTD, INDIA

6. Global Group of Hospital, Mount Abu, INDIA

7. SARV Multispeciality Hospital PVT.LTD, INDIA

8. Kalji Diagnostic Centres, INDIA

Above all hospital we are running as their CEO and accountable for profit and loss as well as YOY growth.

Each above hospital is a multispeciality with capacity of 70 bed each and having all speciality.

During last serge of Covid we managed all hospital with 100% occupancy without any hurdles and successfully deal with all patients and vendors .

We are successfully fulfilling the requirement of need as Oxygen, Injectables, Support services etc . as per gov. Norms .

As part of above work on day to day , we are dealing with Consultant engagement ,Strategic planning of each new upcoming department and speciality with different cross functioning to achieve the given target and goal of the organisation .

Our key expertise is training and development of staff , talent searching and development of staff by various program and seminar.

Digitalization of the organization is according to Six Sigma norms .

We provide integrated Vendor management – registration, Monthly- Yearly MOU to ensure the material procurement and payments .

Branding for the organization in various verticals to achieve the target of patient footfall by various parameters and KPIs

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Current Green Field Healthcare Projects

1. SARV Multispeciality Hospital, PVT.LTD, INDIA

2. Spinetech Superspeciality Hospital, INDIA

3. Agrawal Multispeciality Hospital, INDIA

Our services in these Green Field Healthcare Projects have included - 

  • Layout Planning and Approvals as required

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Project Commissioning according to JCI guidelines and Government regulations

  • Necessary Certifications .

  • Staffing and Performance .

  • Equipment negotiations and installations .

  • All services provided in brown field projects .


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